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Christopher C. Bell Jr. is an essayist, a poet, a lecturer on public education and race-related subjects, a Doctor of Education, and a retired U.S. Army major who served as an army lieutenant in Germany in the 1950s.  After retiring from the army, he began his civilian career and served as an education administrator and management analyst in the District of Columbia Public School System and the Federal government.

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Lt. Williams on the Color Front

This novel “LT. Williams on the Color Front” harkens back to the racism and racial segregation in the U.S. Army in the early 1950s in Germany when the Army began racial desegregation efforts. Often, such efforts prompted White-against-Black face-offs or virtual white “Color Fronts” of resistance against desegregation. This novel is the tense, action-filled story of Negro Lieutenant Neal Williams’ coming of age as he struggles against the efforts of prejudiced white officers who schemed to prevent him from succeeding as a newly assigned platoon leader in what has been an all-white infantry regiment.

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Page 39:

Colonel Ritter drummed the fingers of one hand on his desk and spoke slowly. “Lieutenant Williams, I’m neither a member of the NAACP nor of the White Citizens Council.  I’ m strictly brown-shoe army.”  He stared across his desk at Lt. Williams.  “But I would have preferred the Department of the Army  to send me a White Lieutenant  instead of a Colored Lieutenant like you.”

Page 69:

 “You know, Captain,” Lieutenant Jamison pinched up his lips, “I’ve never had anything to do with Colored people.”  He chuckled.  “You know I think, I’m going to prove something to you and to myself, and to everybody else in the regiment.”
“Like what?”
“I’m going to challenge LT. Williams and show everybody including him that he should not be with White troops”
“Where did that idea come from?”  Captain Fleming put his beer back on the side table.
 “From inside here.”  LT. Jamison thumped his chest with his open hand.  “I hate myths.  So, I hate it when somebody tells me that Coloreds and Whites are alike except for their skin coloring.  That’s a myth,.  . . . We white people are superior.” 

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